2021 Conference Behind The Scenes with Felipe Baez

Published: 2021-06-29

Mat X and JD are joined by Felipe Baez, the MDO live producer, to talk about what it took to bring you the MacDevOpsYVR 2021 conference. Learn the behind the scenes secrets of the MDO YVR online. Hear the story of the fun troubleshooting battle between macOS Catalina and Big Sur during the live stream. Listen to Felipe’s epic tales of fun and hard work to bring MDOYVR 2021 conf live and online, and pick up some camera and microphone tips to make your Zoom sessions better.


Mat X, and JD


Felipe Baez, editor, live producer, and owner Cre8iveBeast.com


MDOYVR 2021 YouTube Channel

Unity production intercom (Mac app)

Discord (conference server for chat and live Q&A discussion)

Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba (audio routing app)

Zoom (used for live setup with speakers)

Dante audio network

Formula One Race Car cameras (WIRED UK article)

Lumix G7 Camera

El Gato CamLink

El Gato Key Light

Audio Technica ATR2100x-USB

Aperture (old Mac Pro photo app)