Adventures of an Australian Mac Admin

Your hosts Mat X, JD and Shania talk to Phil Schneider about WWDC 2020 and how he got into tech and discovered the MacDevOps conference. Get ready for a Novel Australian adventure story!

System V Unix

Apple Unix history 


Apple Xsan

Apple’s developer site 

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MacAdmin Blogging with Alan Siu

Alan Siu joins Mat X and JD to discuss MacAdmin blogging, and attending MDOYVR not only for the first time, but virtually.

Alan Siu’s Blog

Getting Started with Munki

Alan’s old tech blog

Rich Trouton’s

MDOYVR 2020 Panel – YOLO Ops: Love Going Fast. Hate Breaking Things

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Behind the Scenes with Felipe Baez.

Mat and JD are joined by Felipe Baez of Cre8ivebeast to discuss producing MacDevOpsYVR 2020 virtually. A blameless post mortem and behind the scenes look at the MDOYVR conference live show.


Epiphan Pearl Mini


MDO YVR conference videos



MacDevOpsYVR 2020 Conference this week

Mat and JD discuss this week’s MacDevOps YVR 2020 Conference. Learn about the single stream for the event, discussion in Discord, and our event line up. Submit your quick talk today.

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The MDOYVR schedule


Tim Perfitt talks MDS and open source software

This week our podcast hosts Mat X, JD and Shania chat with Tim Perfitt from Two Canoes software. They discuss the new version of the MDS app for deploying Macs. This app combines open source tools: Munki, MunkiReport, Installr and MicroMDM to make deploying Macs easy and fun.




Zoom Deployment Version


Bienvenue à Montréal

Join Mat X, JD and Shania with on the pod with special guests Nitrane, Ptitufuté, SirThomas and Bahhhh members of the MacAdmins Slack Montreal channel. Bienvenue à Montréal! Find out what anime they are watching and food they eat while managing Macs.

Montréal MacAdmins channel

Anime and TV!_Umaru-chan

Seattle Apple Admins & Cascadia Happy Hour

Ashley Smith, Mac Justice, and Chris Dawe for the Seattle Apple Admins and the Cascadia Happy Hour join Mat X, Shania, and JD. We discuss the changing landscape of meet ups. And books. What are we reading these days.

Seattle Apple Admins

Cascadia MacAdmins channel

Books We Are Reading:

Severance (Ling Ma)

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (Meg Elison) 

Stories of Your Life and Others / Exhalation: Stories (Ted Chiang)

The Glass Hotel (Emily St. John Mandel)

The Silk Roads ( Peter Frankopan)

The Goblin Emperor (Sarah Monette)

DevOps for Dummies (Emily Freeman)

Apple Device Management (Charles Edge and Rich Trouton)


The Munki Report Team

This week, Mat and JD are joined by the Munki Report  dev team of Arjen van Bochoven, Jon Crain, and John Eberle (Tuxudo) to talk about Munki Report, making modules and the MacDevOps:YVR pre-conference workshop.


Jon Crain’s Blog

MunkiReport Slack Channel
MunkiReport-dev Slack Channel

MDS – Mac Deploy Stick

Python, Swift, Minecraft & Switch with Mike Lynn

Mike Lynn joins Mat, Shania & JD on the podcast to discuss scripting in python and swift, setting up Minecraft servers, and the Nintendo Switch.

Java Minecraft Server

Swift Playgrounds for macOS

Graphic Recording with Ashton Rodenhiser

Ashton Rodenhiser of Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting joins Mat X and JD to talk Graphic Recording, Visual Thinking, and Graphic Facilitation.

Visual Thinking workshop at MDOYVR 2020

Graphic recording MDOYVR 2019