Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

Mat X and JD regale the tale of Podcast 44 that ended 2020 by not being published, JD reviews his M1 Mac mini adventures & Mat encourages fast backups if not working in the cloud. New year, same problems!


Mat X and JD


Samsung T5 and T7 SSD external drives.


MDO Discord


Dev And Ops Are Not Working Together

Mat X and JD talk about Dev and Ops not playing together with failing 11.1 updates, Solarwinds attack, and more while Mat live updates his Big Sur Mac.


Mat X and JD


macOS Big Sur 11.1 update threads

Solarwinds supply chain attack

Deployment Reference for Mac (Apple)

The Expanse (TV Show)

Game Pigeon (iOS iMessage games for 2-players)

ffmpeg (open source cross platform video engine)

There are No Dumb Python Questions

Mat X and JD discuss this week’s announcement of MDOYVR 2021, python questions, docker and other exciting events.


Mat X and JD


MacAdmins Slack

Relocatable python (GitHub)

MacAdmins Python (GitHub)

MacAdmins Monthly meetup (guest Mat X)

MacDevOps:YVR 2021 conference

MindsEyeCreative (GitHub)

Markdown basics

Signing Manager by Two Canoes Software

Tim Perfitt twitter thread

Postlab drive (powered by Lucid Link)

Synology DSM 7 Beta

Symply Workspace (Thunderbolt shared SAN storage)

BlueSky Docker

Pi-Hole Docker on Synology

web based Wireguard setup

PPPC-Utility (GitHub)

Mac mini in the Clouds

Mat X and JD talk about Mac Minis in the Clouds, Raspberry Pi, fun with Mac recovery and restoring operating systems on macOS 11. They also touch on security researchers exploring new attack vectors.


Mat X & JD


Raspberry Pi 4

Pi-hole DNS black hole 

Don’t Panic: Kubernetes and Docker

Docker on Synology NAS

AWS Mac Mini

AWS Lookout and AWS Outpost

adafruit Feather

verified backup copies with Hedge

PostLab drive powered by Lucidlink

M1 Recovery Mode

Recovery / MacOS Restore Problems (Howard Oakley

Apple Silicon challenges (Tim Perfit)

iPhone wifi exploit (Ars Technica)

Mac4n6 (Sarah Edwards Mac Forensics)

Outage Outrage

Mat X and JD talk about EveryWorld Virtual Conference in Australia, Outages, backups, Rube Goldberg restoration scenarios and Apple’s new M1 hardware.


Mat X and JD


EveryWorld conference

Scan documents in iOS

Fine Scanner iOS app.

Amazon status page

Down detector: outage monitoring

Anandtech: M1 Mac Mini


iJustine: M1 Mac review 

M1 Mac mini vs Mac Pro

Apple Silicon, EveryWorld, Oh My

Mat X and JD discuss the new Apple Silicon Macs, the EveryWorld conference, and other world events.


Mat X and JD


Every world Conference

iJustine YouTube

Minor Major Version Scripts from  Armin Briegel Scripting OS X and Greg Neagle ManagingOSX blog posts



EveryWorld Conference for Everyone

Mat X and JD talk to Jon Manning and Marcus Ransom about the EveryWorld Virtual Conference in Australia 25-27 November 2020.


Mat X & JD


Jon Manning and Marcus Ransom


Everyworld Conference Wednesday 25 through to Friday 27 November 2020.

Map of Australia

Talking Orbit with EveryWorld speaker Malin

Mat X and JD are joined by developer and podcaster, Malin Sundberg. Malin is a iOS/Mac developer building Orbit and podcaster on Cup of Tech. Malin will be speaking at EveryWorld Virtual Conference in Australia.


Mat X & JD


Malin Sundberg


Malin (Twitter)

Cup of tech (Podcast)

Malin (website)

Orbit time tracking app

EveryWorld conference

Munki and Autopkg best friends with SimpleMDM

Mat X and JD talk to Taylor Boyko from SimpleMDM about the process of integrating Munki and Autopkg.

SimpleMDM Munki tech preview

Autopkg plugin for SimpleMDM

Munki open source project (GitHub)

Autopkg open source project (GitHub)

Autopkgr app to control autopkg

join the MacAdmins Slack


Testing in Production

Mat X and JD are joined on the podcast by David and Piero to discuss Chapter 10 in Emily Freeman’s DevOps for Dummies – “Automating tests”. We discuss how it relates to us IT (Ops) and whether we should be testing in production.


William Theaker – (Quick Talk) Running Autopkg with GitHub Actions

Autopkg inspired installomator

EveryWorld conference (Nov 25-27)

Big Sur blocker