Testing in Production

Mat X and JD are joined on the podcast by David and Piero to discuss Chapter 10 in Emily Freeman’s DevOps for Dummies – “Automating tests”. We discuss how it relates to us IT (Ops) and whether we should be testing in production.


William Theaker – (Quick Talk) Running Autopkg with GitHub Actions

Autopkg inspired installomator

EveryWorld conference (Nov 25-27)

Big Sur blocker



Backing Up Big Data

Mat X and JD discuss DevOps for Dummies, the new iPhone 12, T2 Vulnerabilities, Workflows, Backups for big data, and muffins.

iPhone 12

2020 iPhone Comparison Chart

T2 Vulnerability

APFS encryption one liner

Objective-See RansomWhere encryption detection app 

Brew package manager 

How to deal with the discontinuation of your backup and archive software

Tolis Group ceases operation https://www.tolisgroup.com

UNIX Tar  history of

LTFS (linear tape filesystem)

Restoring old Final Cut Pro 7 projects (migrating FCP7 to FCPX)

3-2-1 Backup rule. 3 copies, 2 formats, 1 offsite  

SimpleMDM integrated with Munki and Autopkg

Run SQL in the shell

Using python to monitor logs and output csv (Twitter thread)


Vote for DevOps

Mat X and JD discussing the DevOps for Dummies bookclub, zsh, ansible, the recent MacSysAdmin conference and data analysis with JupyterLab.

Charity majors. Managers on call – Charity Majors on Twitter

Ansible for DevOps ( Book by Jeff Geerling)

MacStadium ansible webinar video

Voter Registration in Canada

How to Register to Vote (USA)

Project Jupyter – web-based interactive development environment for Jupyter notebooks

Practical Scripting talk @ MacSysAdmin Online 2020

Check Installer Pkgs for deprecated scripts  

InstallinstallmacOS.py – GitHub – munki/macadmin-scripts

Tailscale (an implementation of WireGuard VPN)

Wireguard (open source secure, fast VPN tunnel)

MacSysAdmin Online 2020


Hey Siri, Save My Mom

Mat X and JD discuss Siri coming to the rescue, pumpkin muffins, MDM and platform changes, new music and more.

Apple’s JNUC Presentation on Deploying Big Sur (Mike /  Michelle)


Reagan Youth – I Hate Hate (Apple Music)

The SpecialsA Message To You  (Apple Music)

Public Enemy –  WYGDWTGGD (Apple Music) 

Operators – Radiant Dawn (Apple Music)


“So You Want To Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo

DevOps for Dummies (Cheat sheet)


Do The Right Thing movie


Munki  5.1 and the Python symlink 

BBEdit. It doesn’t suck.

Widgetsmith (iOS custom widgets app)

Bookclub Chapter 5

Mat X and JD are joined by David and Pierro for the book club to discuss chapter 5 of DevOps for Dummies by Emily Freeman.

Chapter 5: Measuring Your Organization. People, process and technology. The tripod of DevOps.

Order DevOps for Dummies on Amazon

Emily Freeman (Twitter)

Emily Freeman (Web)

Join us on the MacDevOps Discord, Wednesdays at Noon Pacific (UTC-7)

Continued Learning with David Kaneva

Mat X, Shania & JD are joined by David Kaneva to discuss adulting, documentation & continued learning.

”Help! I have a manager” by Julia Evans

Udemy online courses

Wade Robson’s s3 middleware for Munki

David’s LinkedIn

Apple’s iSight camera 


Off the Grid with Mat X & JD

Mat X & JD talk about getting off the grid in the middle of the pandemic, back to school, better WiFi and the bookclub.

Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail

Dutch Blitz card game

Sign in with Apple

Apple vs Epic Games (Wikipedia)

Apple events

iPad in the classroom

Apple Silicon (WWDC 2020 video)

Final Cut Pro video editing software

Proxy Workflow with FCP X

Hedge Postlab video collaboration

Accusys Thunderbolt storage for Xsan

Fleetsmith User Guide (Apple MDM)

FileMaker (now Claris still Apple)

Wi-Fi 6 aka 802.11ax

DevOps for Dummies Cheat sheet (Book by Emily Freeman)

MunkiReport (Github)



Postlab, Drive & New Workflows Hedge’s Paul & Jasper

Paul Matthijs & Jasper Siegers from Hedge join Mat X & JD to talk about working from home, new workflows with Postlab & Postlab Drive.

Hedge – Smart software for filmmakers

Postlab Remote collaboration and version control for video editors

Miro – Virtual Whiteboard

FCPX– Apple’s vidéo editing software

Whereby – Video Meetings, Video Conferencing, and Screen Sharing – Whereby (formerly appear.in)

Jitsi.org – develop and deploy full-featured video conferencing

Bitbucket – The Git solution for professional teams

Gitlab – The first single application for the entire DevOps lifecycle – GitLab | GitLab




New Remote Workflows for Distributed Teams

Mat X & JD discuss the new Final Cut Pro and remote workflows in these times of a distributed workforce.

Final Cut Pro 10.4.9 release notes

Felipe’s video overview of FCP 10.4.9

Jasper Siegers – The Post Lab Story  (MDOYVR 2019)

Postlab (Hedge)

Jeff Geerling: “what if I deleted your production cluster?”

Ansible for DevOps (Jeff Geerling)

Nathaniel strauss: Overheated Macs that won’t enroll

SimpleMDM and Munki integration beta 




Effin process with Aaron Reynolds of EffinBirds & SwearTrek

Humorist, Aaron Reynolds of @EffinBirds and @Swear_Trek twitter accounts joins Mat X, Shania & JD to discuss taking the leap to doing your own thing, process and the hard work of being creative.

Greetings from EffinBirdsA book of 100 tear-out postcards Greetings From Effin’ Birds:  eatf.art


EffinBirds mugs, shirts and prints.

StarTrek: Wolf in the Fold  (related @swear_trek tumblr image).

Douglas Trumble, special effects

Jonathan Kay, serious adult


Pixelmator Pro
History of British Birds by Thomas Bewick.
Bewick Society

https://tomchalky.com – https://tomchalky.com/brixton-font-family-bonus-decorative-ornaments/
Artimasa – Fairy Tales – https://creativemarket.com/artimasa/159205-Fairy-Tales-Bonus

EffinBirds ⭐  Reviews