Seattle Apple Admins & Cascadia Happy Hour

Ashley Smith, Mac Justice, and Chris Dawe for the Seattle Apple Admins and the Cascadia Happy Hour join Mat X, Shania, and JD. We discuss the changing landscape of meet ups. And books. What are we reading these days.

Seattle Apple Admins

Cascadia MacAdmins channel

Books We Are Reading:

Severance (Ling Ma)

The Book of the Unnamed Midwife (Meg Elison) 

Stories of Your Life and Others / Exhalation: Stories (Ted Chiang)

The Glass Hotel (Emily St. John Mandel)

The Silk Roads ( Peter Frankopan)

The Goblin Emperor (Sarah Monette)

DevOps for Dummies (Emily Freeman)

Apple Device Management (Charles Edge and Rich Trouton)


The Munki Report Team

This week, Mat and JD are joined by the Munki Report  dev team of Arjen van Bochoven, Jon Crain, and John Eberle (Tuxudo) to talk about Munki Report, making modules and the MacDevOps:YVR pre-conference workshop.


Jon Crain’s Blog

MunkiReport Slack Channel
MunkiReport-dev Slack Channel

MDS – Mac Deploy Stick

Python, Swift, Minecraft & Switch with Mike Lynn

Mike Lynn joins Mat, Shania & JD on the podcast to discuss scripting in python and swift, setting up Minecraft servers, and the Nintendo Switch.

Java Minecraft Server

Swift Playgrounds for macOS

Graphic Recording with Ashton Rodenhiser

Ashton Rodenhiser of Mind’s Eye Creative Consulting joins Mat X and JD to talk Graphic Recording, Visual Thinking, and Graphic Facilitation.

Visual Thinking workshop at MDOYVR 2020

Graphic recording MDOYVR 2019


A Chat with Harry Seeber

On this episode, Mat and JD chat with Harry Seeber, a Client Platform Engineer from Gusto.

Terminal Shortcuts (that also work in most cocoa/swift apps)

CPE Open Source

A Conversation with Tim Sutton

Tim Sutton joins Mat, Shania, and JD to talk about giving back to the community, getting involved in projects, and watching them grow into a life of their own.



Relocatable Python

WWDC 2019 – Advances in macOS Security


A Chat with Alex Narvey

This week, Alex Narvey, from Precursor joins Mat and JD to talk about Munki, and Munki report.

Munki self service

18 year no pants streak

Mac mini DevOps

Redundant Array of Independent Servers

Getting Started with Munki

Tom Bridge – Munki in a Box & Munki in a Cloud

MunkiReport PHP


Please note that we recorded this episode prior to the decision to take MDOYVR on-line for 2020.

Hack-A-Thon-Ing with Joel Rennich

Joel Rennich joins Mat, Shania & JD to talk Linda Tripp, being an AP reporter, and how that brings us to virtual Hack-a-thon-ing at MacDevOps.

MDS – Mac Deploy Stick

Signing Manager


SD Notary


MacAdmins SlackStats Page

Security with Thomas Reed in the WFH Age

This week Mat and JD chat with Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes about conferencing app security, malware, and generally making your Mac more secure. With the Zoom zero-day exploit, and other nefarious tools and social engineering happening with users working from home (WFH), how do we protect these users and their computers?

Malwarebytes for Mac


Little Snitch

Objective-See Security Tools (Lulu, KnockKnock, BlockBlock & more)

The Eclectic Light Company


A Chat with Bruce Robinson

Bruce Robinson from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center joins Mat X, Shania and JD on this weeks podcast. We discuss being inspired by others in the community and how we can give back. Thanks Bruce!

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

PNW (Pacific Northwest AKA Cascadia)

Imposter Syndrome





MacDevOps YVR



Scrum (software development)