Snipe-IT as an Open Source Business

Mat X and JD talk with Alison Gianotto, creator of Snipe IT about running a company during the pandemic and how to make a business around open source asset management. (This is Part 2 of our interview)


Mat X and JD


Alison Gianotto (@snipeyhead Twitter)


Snipe-IT (Open source)

Open source asset management with Snipeyhead

Mat X and JD talk with Alison Gianotto, creator of Snipe IT about running a company during the pandemic and how to make a business around open source asset management. (Part 1)


Mat X and JD


Alison Gianotto (@snipeyhead Twitter)


Snipe-IT (Open source)

Tracking the Trackers

Mat X and JD talk about new privacy incidents using tracking pixels, Apple releases deploying Big Sur tech video, CI/CD workflows and more.


Mat X and JD


MDOYVR 2021 Call for Speakers



Backblaze tracking pixels incident

MailTrackerBlocker (GitHub)

Apple vs (Fortnite) Epic Games (Wikipedia)

Cost of delaying a push to prod with CI/CD pipelines (Twitter)

Canadian Airport Codes

Linux DNS mind map (@dave_universetf)

Minecraft server template (Linode)

How to deploy macOS Big Sur in your organization (Apple)

Restore M1 Mac with Twocanoes MDS 

Community built PPPC screen recording profile (GitHub)

FleetDM – open source device management based on OSQuery

Glitter bomb catches scammer (YouTube)


Osquery – Open source device management and security tools

Mat X and JD talk to Zach Wasserman, a MDOYVR 2018 Speaker, about Osquery,  and FleetDM, an Open Source Software project for device management with security at its core.


Mat X and JD


Zach Wasserman


Zach W (Twitter)

Exploring osquery – Zach W (MDOYVR 2018)


Linux foundation

Fleet (Osquery device management)

Try Fleet (GitHub setup instructions)

Osquery Slack

Osquery packs:

Fleet-aware with Jonathan Haenchen

Mat X and JD talk to Jonathan Haenchen, a MDOYVR 2019 Speaker, about Salt stack, Chef, and working for a company that embraces Open Source Software.


Mat X and JD


Jonathan Haenchen




The Phoenix Project

Salt PSU GitHub report (Wes Whethstone)

Chef configuration management

Salth stack open source configuration management


Apple buys Fleetsmith

Let’s Encrypt (free certificates)

Fleet – open source device management with OSquery

OSquery open source project

Julia Evans DNS lookup tool

MunkiReport plugins (create your own modules for this munki reporting tool)

Blue team (computer security)

munki pkg (make packages of folders of stuff to deploy via munki or other tools)

Recipe robot (make recipes for Autopkg)

autopkg (automation framework to download software for munki)

MDOYVR 2021 Call for Speakers

Mat X and JD talk about the call for speakers for MDOYVR 2021, burned out employees, and better acceptance within the MacAdmins community.


Mat X and JD


MDOYVR:2021 Call for Speakers

Test in production  (Honeycomb)

Quinny Pig advice for burned out employees  

AWS updates Macs to macOS Big Sur

WebKit (Apple’s web engine)

NCSA Mosaic Web Browser

Lynx Web Browser

Mail Tracker Blocker

Autopkg update now with more YAML!

YAML linter (validate your code!)

Autopkgr update

JASON json utility 

TLA (three letter acronym)

TLA expansion

2021 Conferences:

MDOYVR – June 9-11, 2021

JNUC 2021 – ?

MacSysAdmin 2021 – ?

Wasabi – AWS-compatible cloud storage.

Getting SaaS-y with Brian Wilkins

Mat X and JD are joined by Brian Wilkins to discuss SaaS integration, CPE and the ways WFH has changed meeting and team collaboration.


Mat X and JD


Brian Wilkins


SaaS – Software as a service

CPE – Client platform engineer

WFH – Work from Home

IdPIdentity Provider

SQLStructured query language (database)

DR – Disaster Recovery (offsite data and backup systems)

MFAMulti factor authentication

2FA Two factor authentication (Apple)

AWS – Amazon Web Services

NVR – Network video recorder

DocsisCable network protocol


M1 Macs internal storage issues?

Western digital RED drives (PDF)

Xserve setup guide (PDF)

Disaster recovery data (Archiware blog post)

1password for Business (password vault)

Tailscale (wireguard based mesh VPN)

Secrets management for DevOps

Lucid Chart (diagramming tool)

Lucid Spark (white boarding)

AWS (Amazon web services) status dashboard 

Synology NVR (surveillance station)

QNAP tiered data

Postlab – working locally with cloud copies

Slack keyword notifications

Munki repo clean 

WorkSpace One endpoint management

Chef enterprise automation

Google’s Plan B (macOps) mac remediation tool

Okta auth for Google

It’s Always DNS

Mat X and JD discuss DNS and Name Registrars, Backup strategies, VPN & file sharing strategies, and more this week.


Mat X and JD

MacDevOps:YVR 2021 conference info:

Attendee info for MDOYVR 2021

Buy Tickets for MacDevOps:YVR 2021 – June 9-11, 2021

Sponsor info for MDOYVR:2021


BackBlaze B2 Outage

Julia Evans (Wizard zines) – How to pick a DNS registrar

Julia’s DNS lookup tool

DNS meme

Cold Weather: Microwave burrito analogy

Nudge open source tool for enforcing macOS updates

Apple Watch 5 / SE Battery Woes

Graham Pugh’s erase install script (Presentation)

Tailscale (mesh VPN) <– easy Wireguard setup

Ed Marczak’s wireguard  talk (MacSysAdmin 2020)

Wireguard (secure VPN)


Episode 50 with Martin, Ofir & Nick

Mat X and JD talk with Martin, Ofir & Nick for the 50th episode. From Icicles to iMac G3 towers, from Canada to the UK, this episode covers a wide gamut of topics with guests from around the world.


Mat X and JD


Martin (aka Nitrane), Ofir, and Nick


Montreal icicle review (Montreal Gazette)

NoMachine remote software

Web Checkout reservation software

Teradici PCoIP remote software

Rhino (3D)

Kernel Extensions and macOS (Apple)

MDM and KEXT profiles on M1 Apple Silicon Mac issue (Jamf CrowdStrike example)

SolarWinds supply chain attack

Water treatment plant TeamViewer hack

Malwarebytes hack

VLC. Apple Silicon M1 supported native software

Munki. Supported Architecture Pkginfo keys

MunkiReport Big Sur module fixes (issues filed by Ofir)

macOS 11 vs 10.16 (eclectic co blog post)

MunkiReport: making modules with “please make module”

LAIKA: job openings for Senior Systems Engineer ( IT)

Munki: Moving from Python to Swift (MDOYVR 2019 video presentation)

Sal reporting

iLOK licensing

Sassafras license server

P2V (Physical to virtual machine conversion)

Point Roberts (USA enclave in Canada)

Federated Apple IDs

Jump Desktop (remote software)

Stadia (Gaming)

Starlink (broadband for remote locations)

Boring Company (tunnels for Teslas)

Hyperloop (vacuum tube transportation)

Hospital Pneumatic tubes

The XY problem

Mac FUSE filesystem


Stow: Go Cloud volume mounter

COWs – Computers on Wheels

Copland (MacOS 8)


Symply Thunderbolt Shared StorNext SAN

Axle AI media asset management (built in to Simply SAN)

QNAP Thunderbolt NAS



Open Source and Security with Patrick Wardle

Mat X and JD talk with Patrick Wardle about his newly Open Source Objective-See Mac Security tools, Objective by the Sea 4.0 conference, and The Art of Mac Malware Analysis.


Mat X and JD


Patrick Wardle (@objective_see / @patrickwardle)


Objective-See Mac Security Tools

Objective by the Sea 4.0 Conference

The Art of Mac Malware Analysis (Book)

Objective-See (blog)

Objective-See (GitHub)

Objective See (Patreon)

Kids in the Hall – The Beard