MDOYVR 2022 Speaker series – Armin Briegel

Published: 2022-05-24

Armin Briegel, speaker at MacDevOps:YVR 2022, joins MatX and JD to chat about Swift, Installomator, and more.


Mat X and JD


Armin Briegel (Twitter), ScriptingOSX


June 15-17, 2022 –

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macOS Terminal and Shell

Packaging for Apple Administrators



Scripting OSX (blog)

Apple to removed Python 2.7 in macOS 12.3 (Mac Mule blog)

Apple macOS 12.3 release notes

Relocatable Python (GitHub)

Munki’s “supported architectures” pkg info key

Platform support in macOS packages (ScriptingOSX)

Install Rosetta (Der Flounder / Rich Trouton blog)

Notarizing macOS Software before distribution (Apple)

Installomator (GitHub)

Transmission hack (2016) / Handbrake hack (2017) – Malwarebytes

Managing Macs with MDM (Apple Platform Deployment Guide)

Intro to MDM (Apple)

Swift Tour (Swift Org)

WWDC 2022 (Apple’s developer conference)


MacDevOps Videos:

MDOYVR21 – Armin Briegel – The Encyclopedia of Packages

MDOYVR19 – Greg Neagle – A Swift Adventure – Moving from Python to Swift


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