Declarative MDO with Joel Rennich

Published: 2023-06-14

MacDevOps:YVR 2023 is a week away. Mat X and JD are joined by Joel Rennich one of our speakers to chat about the upcoming ninth annual MDOYVR Conference, Hack Night, and some of what was seen at WWDC.

June 20 – Workshops and pre-conference social

June 21-22 – Two full days of talks and panels and the famous hallway track including a fun hack night on June 21st!

MDOYVR 2023 conference schedule


DataIntell – storage analytics

Archiware P5 – software for archiving all the things (LTO, cloud, everything)


WWDC 2023 – What’s new in managing Apple devices

Explore advances in Declarative Device Management (WWDC 2023 Video)

KMFDDM is an Apple Declarative Device Management (DDM) server. It works together with NanoMDM. (See also MicroMDM)

What’s new in Swift (WWDC 2023 Videos)

Login window apps: Joel Rennich’s NoMAD and Tim Perfitt’s XCreds



Device Attestation currently


Fleet device management


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