All the Apple Updates and Shiny Predictions

Published: 2021-10-19

Mat X and JD talk Apple security updates, MDM, and our upcoming SRE (site reliability engineering) book club.


Mat X, and JD


Apple’s new Declarative MDM

Graham Gilbert’s Set up Munki with Terraform (MDOYVR  2019)

UDP vs TCP (How To Geek)

MCX (managed client for MacOS X) using Workgroup Manager

Deep  Freeze for Mac

Configuration management (Example: Chef, Puppet, Salt, or Munki)

macOS Monterey

python 3.10 (new release)

Jake Williams tweet: open source is a free lunch or a free puppy?

Brian Fitzpatrick: Debugging Teams

Python software foundation nominations

Munki dashboards – MunkiReport and Sal

Apple software betas on developer portal

KEXT in macOS

How to enable an Apple KEXT (eclectic light co)

SRE (site reliability engineer) book


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