CI/CD and lil ol’ me

Published: 2021-04-20

Mat X and JD talk about the upcoming conference, incorporating CI/CD into a small operation, revisiting backups and more.


Mat X and JD


MacDevOps:YVR 2021 Call for Speakers form

How to backup a Discord server with bots

MacAdmins Monthly with Ed Marczak

Arek Dreyer (Apple Books)

“Q Into The Storm” HBO

Felipe Baez – workflow architect for “Q into the storm” documentary

“Do not disturb” on macOS Big Sur 

Charity Majors CI/CD Presentation

Munki (wiki)

MunkiReport (wiki)

Autopkg (wiki)

Tailscale Mesh VPN (macvfx blogpost)

Alex Narvey (GitHub)

Shellfish iOS app

Using the iOS / iPadOS File app

Duplicati (open source backup software)

Rclone (open source cli backup software to manage files on cloud storage)

Borg Backup (open source de-duplicating backup software)

Homebrew tweet about installing infinite python

AWS Open Search

Elastic Search

Tim Bray (former SUN, Google, Amazon): “I’’d really like to see AWS split off from the rest of Amazon”

Java Supreme Court Case (Google vs Oracle)

Microsoft and Open JDK (Java)

Jacob’s post “Embrace the Grind”

Postlab – git for video editors

APFS Time Machine on macOS Big Sur (eclectic co / Howard Oakley)

Arq backup (uses APFS snapshots)

Carbon Copy Cloner (uses APFS snapshots)

Overview of ZFS snapshots

History of ZFS (mentioning the lawsuit situation which possibly prevented from Apple from adopting it)

MacDevOps:YVR 2021 conference (website)

MDO Socials

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