Episode 50 with Martin, Ofir & Nick

Published: 2021-02-16

Mat X and JD talk with Martin, Ofir & Nick for the 50th episode. From Icicles to iMac G3 towers, from Canada to the UK, this episode covers a wide gamut of topics with guests from around the world.


Mat X and JD


Martin (aka Nitrane), Ofir, and Nick


Montreal icicle review (Montreal Gazette)

NoMachine remote software

Web Checkout reservation software

Teradici PCoIP remote software

Rhino (3D)

Kernel Extensions and macOS (Apple)

MDM and KEXT profiles on M1 Apple Silicon Mac issue (Jamf CrowdStrike example)

SolarWinds supply chain attack

Water treatment plant TeamViewer hack

Malwarebytes hack

VLC. Apple Silicon M1 supported native software

Munki. Supported Architecture Pkginfo keys

MunkiReport Big Sur module fixes (issues filed by Ofir)

macOS 11 vs 10.16 (eclectic co blog post)

MunkiReport: making modules with “please make module”

LAIKA: job openings for Senior Systems Engineer ( IT)

Munki: Moving from Python to Swift (MDOYVR 2019 video presentation)

Sal reporting

iLOK licensing

Sassafras license server

P2V (Physical to virtual machine conversion)

Point Roberts (USA enclave in Canada)

Federated Apple IDs

Jump Desktop (remote software)

Stadia (Gaming)

Starlink (broadband for remote locations)

Boring Company (tunnels for Teslas)

Hyperloop (vacuum tube transportation)

Hospital Pneumatic tubes

The XY problem

Mac FUSE filesystem


Stow: Go Cloud volume mounter

COWs – Computers on Wheels

Copland (MacOS 8)


Symply Thunderbolt Shared StorNext SAN

Axle AI media asset management (built in to Simply SAN)

QNAP Thunderbolt NAS



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