MDOYVR 2022 Speaker series – Alex Narvey

Published: 2022-05-10

Alex Narvey, speaker at MacDevOps:YVR 2022, joins MatX to recount the many and various quick talks he has given over the years at MDOYVR.

June 15-17, 2022 –

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Mat X


Alex Narvey, (GitHub) (


Munki self service on-demand scripts (Alex Narvey GitHub)

On Demand / Self Service items (Munki wiki)

BlueSky (GitHub)

BlueSky (precursorca GitHub fork)

MacDevOps Videos:

Alex Narvey vote for best MDO YVR talk of all time:

MDOYVR19 – Arjen van Bochoven – MunkiReport and the Story of working on Open Source projects

The collected MDOYVR Quick Talks of Alex Narvey:

MDOYVR18 – Alex Narvey – Mac mini DevOps

MDOYVR19 – Alex Narvey – Quick Talk – FMPRO Watchman REST API

MDOYVR20 – Alex Narvey – Auto Triage Board

MDOYVR21 – Alex Narvey – BlueSky in Docker

MDOYVR Munki videos:

MDOYVR19 – Greg Neagle – A Swift Adventure

MDOYVR17 – Greg Neagle – Munki 3

MDOYVR15 – Greg Neagle – Getting Started with Munki


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