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Published: 2022-04-26

Mat X and JD discuss MacDevOps:YVR 2022 conference progress, Munki Report PHP via Docker, and the ever-changing world of Apple.

June 15-17, 2022 –


Mat X and JD



MunkiReport setup in Docker

MunkiReport 5.7.0 requires special Python 2.7.18 x and PHP 7.4

MDS from Two Canoes software


Docker compose

Caddy (reverse proxy)

Black Magic Design

Filmic Pro – iPhone camera software 

Final Cut Pro update with dupe detection is now discontinued

Fleetsmith MDM will be shutdown in October 2022

Apple – Plan your MDM migration

SimpleMDM – Migrate your devices 

UMAD – Enroll existing devices into MDM


PTZ (pan title zoom)

SaaS (software as a service)

MacDevOps Videos:

MDOYVR15 – Nick McSpadden – Docker for Mac Admins

MDOYVR 2016 – Chris Johnson – Get Down with Docker

MDOYVR 2021 – Alex Narvey – Blue Sky in Docker


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