Off the Grid with Mat X & JD

Published: 2020-09-15

Mat X & JD talk about getting off the grid in the middle of the pandemic, back to school, better WiFi and the bookclub.

Hiawatha Scenic Bike Trail

Dutch Blitz card game

Sign in with Apple

Apple vs Epic Games (Wikipedia)

Apple events

iPad in the classroom

Apple Silicon (WWDC 2020 video)

Final Cut Pro video editing software

Proxy Workflow with FCP X

Hedge Postlab video collaboration

Accusys Thunderbolt storage for Xsan

Fleetsmith User Guide (Apple MDM)

FileMaker (now Claris still Apple)

Wi-Fi 6 aka 802.11ax

DevOps for Dummies Cheat sheet (Book by Emily Freeman)

MunkiReport (Github)



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