Terrible But Necessary – SRE Book Club Part 3

Published: 2022-02-01

We discuss Chapter 2 for this third meeting of the now infamous SRE Book Club.


How to apply DevOps and SRE concepts to your entire org. How do you troubleshoot a process and not just a problem? Don’t forget about User experience. Bonus pointsing:  avoid Single Points of Failure and creating more tech debt.


Mat X


Brandon, Balmas, and Brian


Google SRE book

SRE book in audio (GitHub)

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Borg – Google’s Large scale cluster management

Colossus – Google’s Scalable storage system  

SRE fundamentals – SLI SLO SLA

Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures(CVE) 

Jira – plan track and release software




Windows – Chocolatey and Gorilla

Ansible, Chef, Puppet, Salt

MDOYVR talks:

Piero Mamberti – KanBan is your friend

Jonathan Haenchen – Quick Talk – Your DevOps Helpdesk

Lucas J. Hall – Making SimpleMDM Complicated