There are No Dumb Python Questions

Published: 2020-12-15

Mat X and JD discuss this week’s announcement of MDOYVR 2021, python questions, docker and other exciting events.


Mat X and JD


MacAdmins Slack

Relocatable python (GitHub)

MacAdmins Python (GitHub)

MacAdmins Monthly meetup (guest Mat X)

MacDevOps:YVR 2021 conference

MindsEyeCreative (GitHub)

Markdown basics

Signing Manager by Two Canoes Software

Tim Perfitt twitter thread

Postlab drive (powered by Lucid Link)

Synology DSM 7 Beta

Symply Workspace (Thunderbolt shared SAN storage)

BlueSky Docker

Pi-Hole Docker on Synology

web based Wireguard setup

PPPC-Utility (GitHub)

MDO Socials

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