Tracking the Trackers

Published: 2021-03-30

Mat X and JD talk about new privacy incidents using tracking pixels, Apple releases deploying Big Sur tech video, CI/CD workflows and more.


Mat X and JD


MDOYVR 2021 Call for Speakers



Backblaze tracking pixels incident

MailTrackerBlocker (GitHub)

Apple vs (Fortnite) Epic Games (Wikipedia)

Cost of delaying a push to prod with CI/CD pipelines (Twitter)

Canadian Airport Codes

Linux DNS mind map (@dave_universetf)

Minecraft server template (Linode)

How to deploy macOS Big Sur in your organization (Apple)

Restore M1 Mac with Twocanoes MDS 

Community built PPPC screen recording profile (GitHub)

FleetDM – open source device management based on OSQuery

Glitter bomb catches scammer (YouTube)