Apple Dreams of Data driven MDM

Published: 2021-05-25

Mat X, JD and Shania are joined by Lucas Hall and James Smith, speakers at MacDevOps:YVR, to chat all things Apple, MDM and what could be at WWDC and MDOYVR 2021.


Mat X, JD and Shania


Lucas Hall (Slack) and James Smith (ANZ)


MDOYVR 2021 conference speakers

How we do we get users to run software update? Nudge!

What is asset management? MunkiReport? Omnitza? Snipe-IT! 

What is an MDM? (Apple overview)

What is config management? Chef?

What is package management? Munki

What are the MDM commands?

MDM: commands and queries (Apple Developer Docs)

What is a MDM lock code? And is it optional or just not working on M1?

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