Macs and Security with Csaba Fitzl and Armin Briegel

Published: 2021-05-18

Mat X, and JD are joined by Csaba Fitzl and Armin Briegel, speakers at MDOYVR 2021, to chat all things Mac and security.


Mat X and JD


Csaba Fitzl and Armin Briegel


MDOYVR 2021 conference speakers

Csaba’s Shield app (GitHub)

Csaba’s Launch Agents blog series

LPE (local privilege escalation) 

Red Team vs Blue Team

Armin’s blog ScriptingOSX

Armin’s macOS scripting books 

Installomator (GitHub)

B.C. Symbols  (Dogwood)

The Evil bit (IPv4 RFC)

The Evil Bit (Csaba’s Twitter)

ScriptingOSX (Armin’s Twitter)