Backing Up Big Data

Published: 2020-10-20

Mat X and JD discuss DevOps for Dummies, the new iPhone 12, T2 Vulnerabilities, Workflows, Backups for big data, and muffins.

iPhone 12

2020 iPhone Comparison Chart

T2 Vulnerability

APFS encryption one liner

Objective-See RansomWhere encryption detection app 

Brew package manager 

How to deal with the discontinuation of your backup and archive software

Tolis Group ceases operation

UNIX Tar  history of

LTFS (linear tape filesystem)

Restoring old Final Cut Pro 7 projects (migrating FCP7 to FCPX)

3-2-1 Backup rule. 3 copies, 2 formats, 1 offsite  

SimpleMDM integrated with Munki and Autopkg

Run SQL in the shell

Using python to monitor logs and output csv (Twitter thread)