Vote for DevOps

Published: 2020-10-13

Mat X and JD discussing the DevOps for Dummies bookclub, zsh, ansible, the recent MacSysAdmin conference and data analysis with JupyterLab.

Charity majors. Managers on call – Charity Majors on Twitter

Ansible for DevOps ( Book by Jeff Geerling)

MacStadium ansible webinar video

Voter Registration in Canada

How to Register to Vote (USA)

Project Jupyter – web-based interactive development environment for Jupyter notebooks

Practical Scripting talk @ MacSysAdmin Online 2020

Check Installer Pkgs for deprecated scripts – GitHub – munki/macadmin-scripts

Tailscale (an implementation of WireGuard VPN)

Wireguard (open source secure, fast VPN tunnel)

MacSysAdmin Online 2020