Hey Siri, Save My Mom

Published: 2020-10-06

Mat X and JD discuss Siri coming to the rescue, pumpkin muffins, MDM and platform changes, new music and more.

Apple’s JNUC Presentation on Deploying Big Sur (Mike /  Michelle)


Reagan Youth – I Hate Hate (Apple Music)

The SpecialsA Message To You  (Apple Music)

Public Enemy –  WYGDWTGGD (Apple Music) 

Operators – Radiant Dawn (Apple Music)


“So You Want To Talk About Race” by Ijeoma Oluo

DevOps for Dummies (Cheat sheet)


Do The Right Thing movie


Munki  5.1 and the Python symlink 

BBEdit. It doesn’t suck.

Widgetsmith (iOS custom widgets app)

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