Fleet-aware with Jonathan Haenchen

Published: 2021-03-13

Mat X and JD talk to Jonathan Haenchen, a MDOYVR 2019 Speaker, about Salt stack, Chef, and working for a company that embraces Open Source Software.


Mat X and JD


Jonathan Haenchen




The Phoenix Project

Salt PSU GitHub report (Wes Whethstone)

Chef configuration management

Salth stack open source configuration management


Apple buys Fleetsmith

Let’s Encrypt (free certificates)

Fleet – open source device management with OSquery

OSquery open source project

Julia Evans DNS lookup tool

MunkiReport plugins (create your own modules for this munki reporting tool)

Blue team (computer security)

munki pkg (make packages of folders of stuff to deploy via munki or other tools)

Recipe robot (make recipes for Autopkg)

autopkg (automation framework to download software for munki)

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