MDOYVR 2021 Call for Speakers

Published: 2021-03-09

Mat X and JD talk about the call for speakers for MDOYVR 2021, burned out employees, and better acceptance within the MacAdmins community.


Mat X and JD


MDOYVR:2021 Call for Speakers

Test in production  (Honeycomb)

Quinny Pig advice for burned out employees  

AWS updates Macs to macOS Big Sur

WebKit (Apple’s web engine)

NCSA Mosaic Web Browser

Lynx Web Browser

Mail Tracker Blocker

Autopkg update now with more YAML!

YAML linter (validate your code!)

Autopkgr update

JASON json utility 

TLA (three letter acronym)

TLA expansion

2021 Conferences:

MDOYVR – June 9-11, 2021

JNUC 2021 – ?

MacSysAdmin 2021 – ?

Wasabi – AWS-compatible cloud storage.