Getting SaaS-y with Brian Wilkins

Published: 2021-03-02

Mat X and JD are joined by Brian Wilkins to discuss SaaS integration, CPE and the ways WFH has changed meeting and team collaboration.


Mat X and JD


Brian Wilkins


SaaS – Software as a service

CPE – Client platform engineer

WFH – Work from Home

IdPIdentity Provider

SQLStructured query language (database)

DR – Disaster Recovery (offsite data and backup systems)

MFAMulti factor authentication

2FA Two factor authentication (Apple)

AWS – Amazon Web Services

NVR – Network video recorder

DocsisCable network protocol


M1 Macs internal storage issues?

Western digital RED drives (PDF)

Xserve setup guide (PDF)

Disaster recovery data (Archiware blog post)

1password for Business (password vault)

Tailscale (wireguard based mesh VPN)

Secrets management for DevOps

Lucid Chart (diagramming tool)

Lucid Spark (white boarding)

AWS (Amazon web services) status dashboard 

Synology NVR (surveillance station)

QNAP tiered data

Postlab – working locally with cloud copies

Slack keyword notifications

Munki repo clean 

WorkSpace One endpoint management

Chef enterprise automation

Google’s Plan B (macOps) mac remediation tool

Okta auth for Google

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