Hack-A-Thon-Ing with Joel Rennich

Joel Rennich joins Mat, Shania & JD to talk Linda Tripp, being an AP reporter, and how that brings us to virtual Hack-a-thon-ing at MacDevOps.

MDS – Mac Deploy Stick

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SD Notary


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Security with Thomas Reed in the WFH Age

This week Mat and JD chat with Thomas Reed of Malwarebytes about conferencing app security, malware, and generally making your Mac more secure. With the Zoom zero-day exploit, and other nefarious tools and social engineering happening with users working from home (WFH), how do we protect these users and their computers?

Malwarebytes for Mac


Little Snitch

Objective-See Security Tools (Lulu, KnockKnock, BlockBlock & more)

The Eclectic Light Company


A Chat with Bruce Robinson

Bruce Robinson from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center joins Mat X, Shania and JD on this weeks podcast. We discuss being inspired by others in the community and how we can give back. Thanks Bruce!

Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center

PNW (Pacific Northwest AKA Cascadia)

Imposter Syndrome





MacDevOps YVR



Scrum (software development)




Working from Home with Lisa Davies and Kevin Friel

Backdoors & Breaches, an Incident Response Card Game, from Black Hills Information Security and Active Countermeasures. Backdoors & Breaches contains 52 unique cards to help you conduct incident response tabletop exercises and learn attack tactics, tools, and methods.

Lisa made the move to Security Engineering, after many years working in Systems Engineering.

Kevin has over 10 years experience supporting and managing Macs, he’s currently an IT Engineer.

Introducing Your Conspirators

Mat, Chris, Shania and JD join us as we learn more about the conspirators who put on the MacDevOps conference.

Origin Story

Mat, Chris, and Nellie discuss the origin story of the MacDevOps conference.